Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf

I finished these pieces a while ago but this post has been sitting in my draft box waiting for me to finish it. This piece is probably my favourite to date,  as it was interesting to research the character and then face the challenge of somehow trying capture her inner torment... despite her relaxed pose, her face hints at her inner turmoil. The solid background has become a trademark for my portraits, designed to contrast with the pale, transparency of her skin and clothing; The blue shade repeated on her jacket suggests that she is  slowly fading, beginning to disappear. The center of the flowers are tightly closed and throbbing pink, but sit on curling vines, which creep around her fingers and from her jacket pinning her down. Transparent outlines suggest butterlfies once sat amoungst the leaves, a symbol of freedom, they have since fled leaving fading imprints.

As is the case for most of the work on this blog, prints and greetings cards of this piece can be found in my online shop here

I completed another 'treasures' piece to accompany this portrait, I chose a dulled, washed out colour palette and took inspiration with the symbolism found in her poetry, particularly those with beach or nautical themes. Also included are letters to her sister, pebbles (Woolf filled her pockets with stones before walking into a river, committing suicide in doing so) underwear to suggest her sexuality and cigarettes, as she was rarely seen with out one.
[Image]I have recently re-drawn to compliment the other portraits in my series, both are for sale in my shop.



Claire said...

as a big VW fan, i just love this - and your explanation of it - esp. her relaxed pose, yet the hint of conflict/anxiety in her face...
a beautiful piece of work :)

Madame B said...

this is lovely!